Welcome to my toybox!

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Greetings all… And welcome to my toybox. Here you will find great information and reviews about all sorts of yummy adult toys, as well as erotic stories, escort stories and reviews, sex and dating tips, and pretty much anything else that is good, clean (or dirty) fun! xxoo

London Escort: Working The Night Shift

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It absolutely was one of those nights, a not-so-good night for me. I had just finished with a client of mine and he was only a waste of my time. He just wanted to get off. He didn’t bother making out nicely. Heck, he didn’t even shower! Disgusting! Everything is usually fine when working with [...]

Best Practices Tips for Blogging and Marketing

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Blogging can make a huge difference with your web business in many important areas. If you have never made a blog, then it is easy but only if you have the right information that makes it easy. Even though your visitors are there for the information you give them, you can do much more for [...]

An Escort’s Day Off

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What do people like me go about doing during our days off? As one of the Chicago escorts, my day is often fairly frantic. It’d be the usual sleep ins and also running of errands when the sun is still out. Every other day, I get to cook a nice meal for myself. I then [...]

An Escort’s Lifestyle

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Out of all the assignments I’ve gotten, this is the craziest one yet. I’ve been being employed as a Toronto escort for almost 3 years currently. I’m very happy to say that I like my work and have been blessed to have real good clients. Most of the time, they desire “the usual.” The conventional [...]


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A Guide to Vibrators Vibrators are wonderful sex toys with a long history. It’s said that they were invented in the Victorian Era to give doctors a break from giving female hysteria patients “pelvic massages.” Whether this sort of treatment worked is unclear. Perhaps if the hysteria was caused by bad sex, then definitely vibrators [...]

Trojan Vibrations

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Trojan Vibrations: The Hot New Kid on the Block   Back in January 2011, Trojan – that gigantic condom company – showed up at Digital Experiences, a showcase of consumer electronics. Amidst flatscreen TVs, smartphones and cameras, Trojan launched its line of vibrators, aptly called Trojan Vibrations. Since then, the adult toy market has never [...]

Sex Toys

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Sex Toys: Spice it Up!   Oh, you know these toys. They’ve had major exposure in pop media since our sensibilities have been more open about sex, how different people do it, and how we enjoy it. Who can forget that Rabbit Vibrator episode in Sex in the City? Many precede and follow this instance [...]


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Dildos are perhaps some of the most recognizable sex toys around. These are phallic, and used mainly in penetrative sex. They come in different varieties, sizes, and shapes. Dildos don’t necessarily need to look like penises. Realistic dildos are actually classified as just a sub-category. There are others that defy ‘penile expectations,’ so to speak. [...]

Adult Toys

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Grown-ups deserve to have some fun too. And, adult toys are made just for that. When you want a change from the usual romp in bed, consider playing with these toys. Surely, you will find new thrills and pleasures, whether you go at it alone or with playmates.   Adult toys or sex toys refer [...]

Escorts and prostitutes: Factual differences between the two.

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The particular distinctions between a hooker and an escort are often a grey area. It’s long been believed that there’s practically no such difference between the two. They’re merely referred to as differently to bypass the law. This particular common misperception is untrue in many aspects. Sure, escorts do perform sexual services but many people [...]

Ultimate Strapon Guide

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Strap ons are some of the hottest sex toys you should consider, whether you’re a man or woman, gay or straight. There is so much exploration and “opening-up” possible with these deceptively simple looking toys. Strap ons refer to dildos that are designed to fit into harnesses. Traditional harnesses go over the crotch and are [...]

Vibrating Panties

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The Ultimate Guide to Vibrating Panties Vibrating panties may just be a girl’s dream come true. Hands-free clitoral stimulation that you can experience on the sly or while engaged in a playful romp with your mate, what more can you ask for? You or your partner can turn on the vibes remotely, in front of [...]

The Rabbit Vibrator

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Ultimate Guide to Buying A Rabbit Vibrator The rabbit vibrator is a notoriously popular sex toy. You may have watched it in the 90′s TV hit Sex in the City. Sales of this type of vibrator skyrocketed after that one episode, and it seems like, even today, there’s no stopping the rabbit. Why is the [...]

The Best Vibrators

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Vibrators are some of the more popular sex toys in the market. You will find so many choices; it can be hard to pick the best vibrator for you, especially if this is your first time buying one. The best tip for this is to really think about what you like when it comes to [...]

Sydney escorts: Best in Business

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If you want to make sure that you are getting the right escort, Sydney for your needs there are many things that you need to consider. While budget may need to be your first criteria when looking for busty Sydney escorts, Sydney or another kind of escort, Sydney you may want to consider a few [...]

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